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Original encaustic painting. Delia 10" x 10"


Original Artwork

I am a scientist and an artist. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Biology  from Sonoma State University and I worked for many years in the sciences as a Chemist, Microbiologist and Laboratory Director. I do not have any formal training in the Fine Arts, but many years of practice over the years. 

Working with encaustic is challenging, but offers endless possibilities and Nature never disappoints to inspire. Many years of studying fungal microscopy and making slide preparations have also influenced my work. I was always astonished by the delicate and intricate structures of lichen, microscopic fungal hyphae and protozoans that I found with my light microscope.  Encaustic painting has become my vehicle for expressing the forms I find most beautiful in the world. 

The word encaustic originates from Ancient Greek: ἐγκαυστικός, which means "burning in", from ἐν en, "in'' and καίειν kaiein, "to burn",[3] and this element of heat is necessary for a painting to be called encaustic. Encaustice or Encaustike (ἐγκαυστική) is the art of painting by burning in the colors. I make all my own colors using powdered pigments, encaustic medium and oil sticks, keeping them warm on a griddle. Each color is applied to a prepared birch panel and carefully burned or fused on the panel’s surface using a blowtorch. I incorporate inks and hand-pigmented shellac-burns to the layers as the composition builds until the final botanical form is achieved. 

This process is slow and meditative as I have to wait for each layer of medium to cool before continuing the painting process. My art pieces have been described as ethereal, fluid, vibrant and full of life and each piece is one of a kind.


I am happy to announce some upcoming shows I will be participating in.

Gali logo

Gali Vineyards Spring Show

April - June 2024

Visit Gali Vineyards and tasting room now through the end of June to view my latest work on exhibit.  A Meet the Artist event is scheduled on Saturday, May 18th from 3pm-5pm. I look forward to seeing you there!



April Show

The Arts Guild of Sonoma's February-March show will begin on Wednesday, March 27th,  2024 and run through April 29th, 2024. I will have new work on exhibit. Come visit us and see some beautiful local art!


Opening reception will be Thursday, April 4th from 5pm-7pm. This coincides with Sonoma's Artwalk event.  Wine and appetizers will served.

Art Trails logo


The last two weekends in October 2024

Welcome to Sonoma County Art Trails, the oldest juried open studio tour in the country. We are celebrating our 39th year in beautiful Sonoma County Wine Country.
Our  juried professional artists invite you to EXPLORE Sonoma County, ENGAGE with artists in their own studios, and COLLECT beautiful art.
Since 1985, the Art Trails self-guided tour gives visitors fabulous opportunities to learn first-hand from the artists what inspires their art, how it is made and where it is made.  So mark your calendars, bring your family and friends and bask in the enjoyment of Art Trails!

The de Young Open 2023_Social Assets for Artists


September 30th 2023 through January 7th 2024

I'm excited to announce that my work entitled Floribunda will be exhibited at the De Young Museum starting September 30th! 

The exhibition will be available for viewing on the De Young Museum website starting September 30th, 2023.


18870 Robinson Rd
Sonoma, Sonoma County 95476


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Capkat Fine Art

Any easy way to book a visit to my home studio. Simply click on the Art Visit button and follow the easy instructions. I can't wait to meet you!

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