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Encaustic is one of the most ancient art mediums and dates back to ancient Greece. The word encaustic derives from ancient Greek and means "to burn." In contrast with many art mediums where petrochemicals are the base to which dry pigment is added, encaustic medium is a combination of natural beeswax and Damar resin, a special type of tree sap, that is worked while molten.  Paints are created by adding dry pigments to hot medium. My encaustic art is created using this pigmented medium in combination with ink, linseed oil sticks and shellac, another natural by-product of the Lac scale insect. The layers are fused together using heat, in my case a blowtorch, so that I'm literally painting with fire!

My original botanical artwork can be seen here and at galleries and shows around the Bay area. For inquiries about a piece please contact me at my studio.

Available Works: Portfolio

Encaustic Painting

 A short video showing a burn technique I use a lot in my encaustic paintings. Hand pigmented shellac is applied to the surface of the piece and then burned in with a blowtorch to create unique textured lacey imagery.

Available Works: Video
Available Works: Pro Gallery
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